The paintings exhibited here date back to Mory's pre-commission days. An exerpt from a show cataloque best describes the concept behind the work.

" Originally, my work on paper began as a revolt against academicians who I felt percieved any work other than oil on canvas as slightly less than valid. I was not comfortable with canvas. I began working on 140 lb. watercolor paper with oils and rectified petroleum as my medium, using thin layers of wash to achieve a translucent quality. I think in layers and my constructed landscapes are evidence to that fact. Once the break was made, I began to use other elements which I'd loved but never felt secure enough to combine; the spontaneity of a torn edge and pen and ink work in "close-ups". Landscapes are either awesome or boring and with collage, my intentions were never to imitate reality but to pull my private visions of reality together in an honest expression."
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